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Ammu’s Summer Holidays

Ammu’s Summer Holidays is a specially commissioned story by the Equal Hue Project, launched at the Sports Law and Policy Symposium, 2021.

The Equal Hue project aims to chart the way forward for women’s cricket in India. The campaign is based on the Equal Hue report authored by Snehal Pradhan, Karunya Keshav, and the late Sidhanta Patnaik.

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The Sports Law and Policy Centre Symposium is an annual conference which brings together leading sports law practitioners, sports policy experts, in-house counsel, researchers, academicians, sports administrators, NGOs and students in India.

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Season 1  |  Episode 23

Ammu’s Summer Holidays

Original Story

Written by Nidhi Gupta

Ammu has the most amazing summer holidays with her family, doing what she loves most! From dream-filled train journeys to boisterous arguments with cousins, join us as we travel with Ammu and learn about her passion and determination to play her favourite sport – cricket!

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Artwork for Ammu’s Summer Holidays

In keeping with the spirit of the project’s initiative of spreading awareness about changing the narrative around women’s sport in India, we asked our listeners to send in their own versions of the cover art.

Our article in the New Indian Express, Chennai Edition.