Ammu’s 1st Birthday

This is a story about Ammu’s 1st birthday. It’s a special celebration with her Mumma, Papa, and Daadi. Even though Nandita is now much older, we have used recordings of her from when she was a baby, for Ammu’s voice in this story.

Nani and Mishti go to a music concert

Nani and Mishti are back with a new story that takes us to an exciting music concert! Mishti not only learns about musical instruments from Nani, she also realizes her love and interest in learning to play an instrument. Join us for a fun-filled evening!

Kengeri Kannan takes part in a bicycle race

Kengeri loves and lives for challenges. Having learnt to ride his new bicycle, the chance to take part in a bicycle race was just what he was looking forward to. Join us at the sports fair to watch Kengeri compete in the race and to cheer him on!

Lolly Meets Max

Lolly Meets Max, written and illustrated by Aditi Nikhil Eldurkar, our 8-year-old friend and listener from Germany.

A Kabini Story

A Kabini Story, written and illustrated by Yamini Kamath, our 5-year-old friend and listener from Bangalore.


Little Manan's encouragement and love, drives us to create better experiences for children!


Yara reacts gleefully on receiving her first ever postcard from us! Happy listening Yara!

केंगेरी कण्णन चले मेला देखने

दोस्तों, आखिरकार हम अपनी कहानियों को हिंदी में लेकर हाज़िर हैं। सबसे पहले हम चलेंगे अपने मस्त-मौला दोस्त केंगेरी कण्णन और उनके परिवार के साथ उनके गाँव के बसंत मेले में। इस मेले में खिलौने हैं, खाना-पीना है, और एक circus भी है। उनके घर में सभी को हर साल इस मेले का इंतज़ार रहता है, पर केंगेरी कण्णन ख़ास तौर पर उत्सुक हैं कोकिला दी की मधुर आवाज़ सुनने के लिए। तो चलिए, सभी के साथ में कृष्णपुरम के मेले में।