Lucky Picnic

Kavya and Leela are spending their holidays with their grandparents in Mysore. Over the weekend, when their parents come visiting them from Bangalore, the family plans a picnic to a special spot by a river.

Celebrating the ones we love

Our podcast turned one year old this week and we have a special anniversary story for you. So far our characters had all been living in parallel universes, but in this story we brought them all together. And the reason their paths crossed - a storytelling festival for children, in Bangalore.

A colourful mystery

Puppy and Friends Detective Agency gets a new case to solve. They must navigate a maze of colours to find out who is trying to cheat at a painting competition. The only problem is that there are 50 suspects and none of them can be questioned. Will Zishan, Ruhi and Jalebi be able to find the cheat and help an honest student whose painting was stolen?

A trumpet’s dream

This story takes us on a muscial journey of a little Trumpet's dream of joining a parade. Listen to find out how she pursues this fondest dream of hers that results in her starting a band of her own!

Ammu makes a new friend

It’s the summer holidays and Ammu meets Dhruv, her best friend’s cousin. Dhruv does not respond to Ammu when she tries to talk to him, and she is sad that he does not want to play with her. Will he go to a play date at Ammu’s home when she invites him?

Kengeri Kannan goes to Gwalior – Part 1 – A long train journey

Kengeri Kannan and his family are going on a visit to the historical city of Gwalior. The family must take a long train journey from Bangalore to Gwalior. In this first part of a two-part story, we travel with the family on the train and relive our experiences of the train journeys in India.

Lolly Meets Max

Lolly Meets Max, written and illustrated by Aditi Nikhil Eldurkar, our 8-year-old friend and listener from Germany.

A Kabini Story

A Kabini Story, written and illustrated by Yamini Kamath, our 5-year-old friend and listener from Bangalore.


Little Manan's encouragement and love, drives us to create better experiences for children!