Ammu’s 1st Birthday

This is a story about Ammu’s 1st birthday. It’s a special celebration with her Mumma, Papa, and Daadi. Even though Nandita is now much older, we have used recordings of her from when she was a baby, for Ammu’s voice in this story.

Nani and Mishti go to a music concert

Nani and Mishti are back with a new story that takes us to an exciting music concert! Mishti not only learns about musical instruments from Nani, she also realizes her love and interest in learning to play an instrument. Join us for a fun-filled evening!

Kengeri Kannan takes part in a bicycle race

Kengeri loves and lives for challenges. Having learnt to ride his new bicycle, the chance to take part in a bicycle race was just what he was looking forward to. Join us at the sports fair to watch Kengeri compete in the race and to cheer him on!

Too Much Noise

Sringeri Srinivas, a farmer, is forced to take his cows to the cattle fair, through a noisy highway. As it happens, Sringeri Srinivas is not a fan of noise! What does he do to solve this problem? Listen to the story to find out.

Tima and His Magical Flippers

Listen to the story of a very special Turtle called Tima, and how his hard work and dedication made him nothing less than a superhero!

I Love Me

This is a story about Rubina, who has just moved to a new home and misses her old friends! She wants to make new friends, but nobody wants to play with her. What will Rubina do? Who will she play with?

Janice Goes to Chinatown

Join Janice and her grandmother as they stroll through Kolkata’s Chinatown and discover weird but wonderful gifts for their loved ones!

Nani’s Walk to the Park

This is a story about Mishti and her Nani’s amazing adventures through a beautiful park and the streets around it. Explore these special and magical streets with Nani and Mishti.

Sringeri Srinivas Learns to Laugh

Sringeri Srinivas is always angry! More so, when the monkeys try to steal his prized bananas! However, Sringeri Srinivas ends up rolling on the ground with laughter. What makes him laugh so much? Listen to this story to find out!

Nani and Mishti Visit the Zoo

Mishti wants to go back to the park with Nani, but Nani has a better idea! Nani takes Mishti to the Zoo for a fun-filled day! Listen to the story and learn about all the birds and animals they meet in the zoo.

Kengeri Kannan Wants to Sleep

Kengeri Kannan returns from his farm and is very tired. He falls into such a deep sleep that nobody is able to wake him up. Luckily for Kengeri, someone has a great idea to wake him up from his slumber. Listen to this story to find out if the idea really worked or if Kengeri is still asleep!

Nani, Mishti and Tara Make Coconut Barfi

Mishti's friend Tara loves Nani's coconut barfi! She can't wait to eat them, but the barfi is not ready yet. In this story, Mishti and Tara help Nani make yummy coconut barfi. If you too want to make coconut barfi, listen to the story to find out how.