Ammu’s 1st Birthday

This is a story about Ammu’s 1st birthday. It’s a special celebration with her Mumma, Papa, and Daadi. Even though Nandita is now much older, we have used recordings of her from when she was a baby, for Ammu’s voice in this story.

Nani and Mishti go to a music concert

Nani and Mishti are back with a new story that takes us to an exciting music concert! Mishti not only learns about musical instruments from Nani, she also realizes her love and interest in learning to play an instrument. Join us for a fun-filled evening!

Kengeri Kannan takes part in a bicycle race

Kengeri loves and lives for challenges. Having learnt to ride his new bicycle, the chance to take part in a bicycle race was just what he was looking forward to. Join us at the sports fair to watch Kengeri compete in the race and to cheer him on!

Learning to be a detective

This story is about a boy called Zishan, who starts a detective agency with his sister Ruhi and their puppy Jalebi. In this story, the young detectives have a lot of fun while learning important skills to solve mysteries.

Gunda learns to joke

This is the story of an almost 1 year old puppy, called Gunda, who doesn't know how to tell a joke. Gunda goes around asking different creatures, big and small, to teach him how to tell jokes. Does he succeed? Listen in to find out.

Samar’s space adventures

Go on a fun-filled journey to different planets, ride super-fast comets, and explore vast galaxies! Join Samar as he travels through space, having one adventure after another.

Mishti and Tara’s day in the garden

Join Mishti and Tara as they spend a warm, sunny day in the garden, learning about worms, plants and other interesting facts about the outdoors.

The case of the missing wallet

Zishan, Ruhi and Jalebi are back with a new and exciting story in which they put their observation skills to good use. Will our detective friends solve their elaborate first case, in this 30-minute long story?

Nani and Mishti go to a music concert – Part 2

Nani and Mishti go back to attend the second day of the music concert! In this second part of the story, artists use the most versatile music instrument - their vocal chords and their mouths. Join us for a fun-filled evening of whistling, beat-boxing, singing, and harmonica performances.

All that Ammu wants to be

Like all little children, 6-year-old Ammu wants to be so many things when she grows up - an astronaut, a gymnast, a teacher, a cricket player, and so much more. But can Ammu be and do all that she wants to? Listen in to hear the conversation she has with her Kaka.

How the rainbow got its colours

Can you imagine a bright sunny day with the skies all grey? Can you imagine that macaws are all grey and hummingbirds all white? That the only colour in the sky is the ever yellow sun with none of its fiery red sunrises and sunsets?

Lucky Picnic

Kavya and Leela are spending their holidays with their grandparents in Mysore. Over the weekend, when their parents come visiting them from Bangalore, the family plans a picnic to a special spot by a river.