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Unique, customized audio story experiences for your children and loved ones!

Listening to audio stories offers children a myriad of benefits akin to reading, fostering imagination, empathy, and cognitive skills. When you gift your child a unique audio story, you’re not just providing entertainment; you’re giving them a personalized journey that sparks their creativity and deepens their connection to the narrative. These stories become more than just audio files; they’re cherished memories that resonate in their minds and hearts, shaping their understanding of the world and nurturing their love for storytelling.

It’s easy to do!
Filling in the deets

Complete the form below with as much detail as possible so we can tailor your child’s gift to their interests. The more information you provide, the more unique your gift will be!

Writing a dedication

Compose a short dedication for your child and we will record and include it at the beginning of the story.  Write from your heart <3 (Note: We may edit your message slightly to fit our format.)

Crafting the story

Once we receive your request, we’ll craft and record a unique story based on your provided details.

Receiving your gift

Your special story will be emailed to you by the selected date as a downloadable audio file (.MP3 / .wav), playable on any popular music player.


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