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Season 3
  • Goobe tries to sleep

    Goobe, the Owl is tired and wants to sleep. But it's so noisy everywhere she goes! Can Goobe find a quiet tree to sleep in?


  • Maya’s Reunion

    Maya's love of the outdoors brings her closer to nature, creating a warm and enduring connection. Join Maya on her many trips to the river bank, be it to play with her animal friends, or to collect juicy mangoes!


  • The Lonely Volcano

    This is a story of a happy little volcano who loves to entertain his friends. What happens when one day the little volcano starts to feel hot and queasy? Listen in to find out.


  • Kengeri Kannan goes to Gwalior – Part 2 – Experiencing beautiful Gwalior

    Kengeri, Durgamma, Latha, and Subbu have reached Gwalior after a long train journey. Join them as they spend an exciting week exploring the rich history and mouth watering delicacies of this wonderful city!


  • Time travelling with Ammamma

    Remember when you had to go down to the railway station to book your train tickets? Or the time you had to stop at a telephone booth to make a quick call for directions? Join us as we travel back in time, to an era with no computers or mobile phones and certainly no internet!


  • Gunda learns to play cricket

    Gunda, the black and white puppy, is back with a new story in which he wants to play cricket with his friends. Join him as he discovers the cricket ball, in this new and exciting adventure.


  • Stage fright

    Stage Fright is a story about Champa, a little girl who loves to sing, but is terrified of singing in front of a crowd. Listen in to find out if Champa is brave enough to sing on stage at her school's Annual Day.


  • Ammu’s superpower

    We know that all children are super-special and are born with a superpower. It is only a matter of time when they become aware of it. This first episode of Season 3 is a story about 5-year-old Ammu discovering her really cool superpower! Listen in to find out what Ammu’s superpower is and how she discovers it.


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