Ammu Learns to Whistle

Ammu is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves to sing and is delighted to learn how to whistle! She tries and tries to whistle, but does she finally do it? Listen to the story if you want to learn to whistle too!

Kengeri Kannan Learns to Sing

After watching his favourite singer Kokila Di, sing at the village fair, Kengeri Kannan just can't wait to learn to sing. He follows every advice that Kokila Di gives him and practices every day! But, does Kengeri finally learn to sing? Listen to the story to find out.

Flying High

We're here this week with an adapted story by our friend and guest narrator Zainab Zaki. In this story, you will explore the skies with Chandu, a little boy with a big imagination, who goes on a magical flight.

Nani, Mishti and Tara go for a Picnic

Mishti and Tara have a fun-filled day at the nature park, with Nani. They play games, sing happy songs, and run around until they're hungry. They also learn interesting facts about the nature around them.

A Magical Day

We all love eating fruits. But do you know what would happen if you accidentally swallowed a seed? Samar swallows a cherry seed and then a magical day unfolds for him. Listen in to find out what happens.

Yara Wants To Go Somewhere

In this week's special episode of Stories Without Pictures, we celebrate our little friend and listener, Yara, who turns 4! The story is a gift from her mother, Rashmi, who has written and narrated this wonderful tale that takes you on an equally wonderful and interesting adventure. Happy Birthday Yara!

Paro The Hungry Baby Elephant

Paro is so hungry and there is no food at home. Paro and her mother roam all over the forest looking for food. Do the other animals share their food with them? What happens when Paro is asked to be kind and giving to others? Listen to the story to find out.

Kengeri Kannan Wants to Ride a Bicycle

Kengeri Kannan dreams about winning a bicycle race, but realizes that he never learned to ride one in his life! Do Kengeri's dreams of riding a bicycle come true? Does he learn to ride one? Listen to the story to find out. 

Nani and Mishti Make Mango Pickle

How many types of mangoes can you name? Do you know what is the best mango to make pickles with? Join Nani and Mishti as they buy mangoes in the market and make yummy pickle together. Also learn to sing the mango song along with Mishti!


A super-special birthday story for our 7-year-old friend and listener Seher Sekhon. Co-narrated by Seher herself, Samar's hiccups turn into a hilarious and entertaining day, when Amma joins in on the fun! Listen to the story and sing the hiccup song along with us!

Ammu’s Summer Holidays

Ammu has the most amazing summer holidays with her family, doing what she loves most! From dream-filled train journeys to boisterous arguments with cousins, join us as we travel with Ammu and learn about her passion and determination to play her favourite sport - cricket!

Zishu Meets Jalebi

Meet our new friends Zishan and his little sister Ruhi! Zishan wants to become a detective when he grows up. For his birthday, he receives the perfect tools that a detective needs to start solving mysteries. Listen to the story to find out what mystery unfolds in Zishan's first adventure.